How to order:

Please send us your order by e-mail.

We only deliver with an official invoice which simultaneaously serves as warranty document.
Any warranty is forfeit without presenting the invoice.

Our techniques:

KEDAR Foundry is specialised in lost wax casting.

We do different kinds of molds and use different kind of materials, for example for large objects like daggers and
swords we mostly use two-part ceramic molds. We are proficient in the complete casting process,
from the creation of a model, producing the mold, casting and finishing the cast object to a highly polished surface.

Our melting and casting process is traditional, we work with charcoal and cast by hand.
At the moment we do not offer gold or silver casting,
our expertise lies with copper alloys.

Our alloys:

We mostly cast in 10% tin bronze (CuSn10).

However, depending on the wished for colour and use of the object we can also offer
castings in the following alloys Bronze: CuSn6, CuSn8, CuSn12 and a high content of tin as in bell-alloy.

Please contact us, so that we can discuss what suits you best.
Brass: We cast in brass only on special occasions.
The casting is more difficult, so please contact us about prices and proceedings.

On demand we may also cast the following metals: Copper, Tin and any other alloys on request.

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