Welcome to the site of our foundry for art and historical objects.

We specialise in lost wax casting in bronze and brass, and are happy to present you different works we did over the time, showing you our high expertise and skill.

We are working in this field since 2005. We are able to work with all different kinds of materials, ranging from historic clay molds to modern ceramic embeddings.

Especially our historical castings are performed very close to the original techniques. If price or necessity demands it, we are also able to compromise between historic and modern casting techniques. Our main goal, however, is to offer you products of highest precision and superb quality. This may sometimes result in a more timely production process, though. We mostly do custom work, but also work on our own line of products when we have some time left for this. Lately we were also cooperating with several archaeologists making reconstructions for museums, Living History and reenactment, giving us insight into the field of archaeology as well as giving us the opportunity to participate in the field of experimental archaeology. Here we did several trials in casting with different copper alloys. We also cooperate with some of the leading knife and sword-makers. Even the most demanding customers so far were always highly satisfied with our work. Feel free to contact us any time, we are always happy to answer your questions and to help you realising your project.

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